Welcome to Humber Avenue Community Allotments (HACA)

Humber Avenue Community Allotments (HACA) was formed in September 2021 to manage the 100 allotments at Humber Avenue in Worthing on behalf of Worthing Borough Council.

HACA is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee and registered at Companies House.

Our whole purpose, as a non profit making organisation, is to manage the allotments on behalf of the plot-holders and re invest any surpluses back into the site to enhance all our experiences in a safe, pleasant and secure environment.


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Important reading for all Humber Avenue Community Allotments plot-holders

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the support and integration between ourselves and the Council.

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Humber Avenue Community Allotments – Health and Safety

All plot-holders are asked to ensure that vegetation encroaching over the edge of their plots into the road is removed. This has been identified during a routine risk assessment on the 25th September 2021. Thank you.

Another pest to identify and control

The brown marmorated stink bug has arrived in the UK, threatening fruit and vegetable crops during summer and heading inside people’s homes during winter.

Native to China, Japan and Korea, brown marmorated stink bugs are fast-breeding insects that come in various shades of brown and grow up to 1.7 centimetres. They get their name from the foul smell they exude when they feel threatened.

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