Chairperson’s welcome to Humber Avenue Community Allotments.

In October 2021 we took over the management of the 100 allotments at Humber Avenue from Worthing Borough Council. We formed Humber Avenue Community Allotments (HACA) as a Community Interest Company (CIC). So, in this first year, we have a real learning experience ahead of us in managing the site on the behalf of all the plot-holders and ensuring we re-invest in further improving the fantastic allotments and the facilities at Humber Avenue.
Please explore this web site, it’s very comprehensive and full of the information and documents you’ll need, as well as newsletters, committee contacts, gardening advice and topics for both new and experienced gardeners. Visit our Facebook Group this is a closed and safe community for HACA plot-holders only, and you’ll need to register prior to gaining access. Our newsletters are published bi-monthly, so please register here to have them delivered to your email address.

Finally, enjoy your gardening, and remember to be considerate of everyone on our site, lock the gates and if arriving by car please keep to a maximum speed of 10mph and park thoughtfully.
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New composting bays are being built in January 2022 and there’ll be no further deliveries until after completion. In the meantime please help yourselves to the leaves and woodchips as this will help us get them out of the way before we build.  The old scaffold boards and new pallets are required for the task so please do not remove any.

Volunteers are needed to help with various projects as laid out in the recent newsletter. More details will be posted here as and when the projects are started.
The next project is the re-construction of the green organic matter bins. Anyone willing to help to re-construct the bins please contact one of the committee members or post a slip into the post box in the community room please.

All plot-holders are asked to ensure that any roadside vegetation is not encroaching onto the road. This has been identified during a routine risk assessment.

Allotment wise if you have something to sell or want, send the details for our market place to the webmaster.

If you are a plot-holder or co-worker why not sign up for our private Facebook Group.

No dig. If you are thinking about becoming no-dig gardener check out this post on our website.

Composting. What’s it all about? Check this post for for information.