Humber Avenue Community Allotments

Affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society

Humber Avenue Community Allotments is a community interest company run by allotment holders for and on behalf of other allotmenteers from the broader community of Worthing.

Our Mission.

To provide environmentally sustainable allotments for cultivation through non-profit making social enterprise for the local community which promotes inclusivity and diversity.

Our Vision.

We will help people live longer, healthier and happier lives through being active allotmenteers and creating a place of enjoyment, social interaction, education and relaxation.

Our Values.

We value:

  • and welcome everyone irrespective of race, religion, beliefs, age, ability, background or sexuality.
  • the environment and seek to have minimal impact on contributing to global warming by seeking low carbon ways to garden.
  • the ecology of the Humber site and will seek ways to enhance and support biodiversity.
  • our local community and will seek ways to engage with them in enjoying allotmenteering.
  • providing opportunities for plotholders to socially interact and feel part of a likeminded community of gardeners and thereby reduce social isolation and improve mental health . 
  • everyone’s views and all are listened to irrespective of background or experience.
  • horticultural education and promoting healthy living through growing fruit and vegetables in an environmentally sustainable way that both enhances diet and promotes an active lifestyle.

Where are we ?

Humber Avenue Allotments are situated at the end of Humber Avenue in Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3NN

There is a large car park and the gates are open every Saturday and Sunday morning, throughout the year, between 10 and 12.

You are welcome to drop in and speak to a member of the allotment community.