Another no-dig specialist

This website is well worth looking at.

Stephanie is a no dig gardener, garden and food writer, teacher, consultant and speaker specialising in no dig gardening and plant based seasonal food, that can be grown at home, in allotments, community gardens and larger spaces too.

A leading authority in the UK on no dig gardening, she has worked as a no dig kitchen gardener for 13 years (in market gardens, private estates, for restaurants, in community gardens) and grown on allotments/home gardens for over 30 years.

Stephanie mostly got into growing veg when raising children on her own, when absolutely skint!

An author of two books, and currently working on two more, Stephanie won Practical Gardening Book of the Year for No Dig Organic Home and Garden, co-written with Charles Dowding. They both wrote the gardening parts! (Unfortunately some people seem to think that Stephanie only wrote the recipes…)

She writes about small scale homesteading, using homegrown and foraged plants to make drinks, body care products, herbal remedies, preserves and dyes as well as meals, and teaches how to grow your own, whatever sized space.

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