An interesting video on an easy way to grow potatoes.

Following on my from my own potato growing experiment in 2021 Charles Dowding explains how he grows potatoes for storing, using the no-dig method.

Varieties listed here are Sharps Express, a first early. Linzer Delikatess, a salad potato. Lilly Rose, a red main crop and Estima, a second early. He also grows Charlotte.

It would be interesting to know what varieties are mostly grown at Humber. Please comment below.

Chop and Drop

Not just for us no-dig fans perhaps!

-Huw Richards explains ….

“I want to explore in more detail about the role that the permaculture gardening technique of chop and drop can play in a no-dig garden.
In this video, I share why chop and drop works, and provide context and examples to back this up. I honestly think that chop and drop is one of the most useful techniques available for improving soil health and fertility in our raised beds in the vegetable garden.
And the best thing is that unlike waiting for compost to break down, you can do chop and drop whenever suits you!”

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