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January 2022

Hi Humber Avenue Allotmenteers!

May I introduce myself – I’m Fiona, I’ve joined HACA as a Volunteer on the new Community Garden project. I’m a keen gardener and volunteered previously at a North London allotments site, helping to set up a Polytunnel and was one of a team of plotholders sowing, growing on and selling plants to the public in Spring and Summer plant sales. As you know, a polytunnel is in the future plan for HACA, and this is something that would be great for the Allotment funds and local community.

At the moment I am planning and marking out the design for the Community Garden, ensuring the plot is safe for wheelchair users, adults and children. Once completed I’ll be co-ordinating visits from the community, including primary schoolchildren (6+yrs), and adults who are less able. Please do come and have a chat when I’m on the site, to share your ideas (or any tools-especially children sized!)

I plan to diarise our progress each month in pictures and a few words on how it’s going – here are the ‘Before’ pics from end of January.


During February we will be preparing the site to include raised beds (made from pallets, at no cost to HACA) for the adults and children. We are also going to ‘reuse, recycle’ the tyres as planting beds for children, as a safe ‘wall’ at the front of the plot, and as a base for a community table and bench.

HACA are very grateful to the Council, who have offered to supply 4 native trees, free of charge. I am keen on wildlife, organic gardening, especially love trees, and have selected 4 of which will bring pollinators, friendly bugs, birds and butterflies to the site. These may change, dependent on the Council stock.

Spindle (Euonymus Europaeus) 9m

Goat (Pussy) Willow (Salix Caprea) 6-10m 

Sour Cherry (Morello) (Prunus Cerasus) 10m

Rowan(Sorbus Aucuparia) 8-15m

I hope you like what you see and will be as excited as I am! See you around the Allotments!