Humber Avenue Community Allotments

Community Volunteering

Many hands make light work

Origin of Many Hands Make Light Work
This English proverb dates all the way back to the 1300s. It initially appeared in a story called Sir Bevis of Hampton and has been included in many collections of proverbs from that point onwards. For example, John Heywood included this proverb in the book of proverbs in the 1500s.

And still true today ………….

Humber Avenue Community Allotments is run by a small committee but can only thrive if the community involves as many plot-holders and their co-workers as possible. There is scope for everyone to contribute something to the community.

These are our allotments and volunteering is a way to ensure that the workload is fairly shared. Below are some current tasks that need some volunteers to help progress. There will be more no doubt as time goes by.

We have a mentoring scheme designed to help those that are new to gardening or just wish to improve their knowledge using the wealth of experience available. If you would like to help others in this way, or maybe you would appreciate some advice please sign up below.

General Work Party
The committee is always looking for people to get involved with tasks that are normally of a physical nature but not particularly strenuous. Remember that “Many hands are light work”.