Humber Avenue Community Allotments

Equalities Policy


HACA is committed to providing equality of opportunity in all our activities and to ensuring that discrimination does not occur.

HACA will strive in all our activities to reflect the diversity of the local community and to  ensure that our services are provided appropriately.

  1. Legislative Framework

HACA will ensure that all our policies and procedures meet with both the letter and spirit of the following current laws:

    • Equal Pay Act
    • Sex Discrimination Act
    • Race Relations Act
    • Race Relations Amendment Act
    • Disability Discrimination Act
    • Human Rights Act
    • Employment Directive
    • Employment Equality (Age) Regulations

It is against the law to treat a person less favourably than you would treat another on the grounds of:

    • Sex (gender)
    • Race, colour, ethnic or national origin
    • Marital status
    • Disability
    • Religion or belief
    • Sexual orientation
    • Age

HACA will be responsive to the needs of local people and recognise the importance of removing barriers to communication. Where appropriate individuals will be consulted about their communication needs and preferences.

HACA will build closer links with those who may be subject to discrimination. We will use our influence within the local community to lead by example and work in partnership with other local agencies to promote equalities. We will seek to ensure that all Contractors directly supplying goods and services or working on behalf of HACA comply with the relevant statutes and encourage good practice.

2. Putting the policy into action

Putting the policy into practice is the responsibility of all members of the HACA Committee and any officers acting on their behalf, especially Site Standards & Safety Officers (SSSO) who are expected to comply with both the spirit and wording of the policy.

3. Remedies

Tenants, contractors or visitors who feel they have been discriminated against should contact the Humber Avenue Community Allotments Community Interest Company by e mailing: