Humber Avenue Community Allotments

Greenserve Grounds Maintenance

Supplier of our Grass and Leaves

Greenserve GM supply us with grass cuttings through the summer months for mulching and compost making. All grass cuttings are untreated and therefore free from any chemicals likely to affect your crops.

In the autumn we get leaves, which sometimes have quite a few pieces of wood, but even so its all good for compost making and mulching your plot through the winter months.

Benefits of mulching

So exactly how is leaf mulch good for plants? The benefits of leaf litter mulch are abundant: Applying leaf mulch buffers soil temperatures to keep soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, thereby protecting plants.

  • It improves soil fertility as it decomposes, which reduces the need for fertilising.
  • Leaf mulch can aid in retaining soil moisture too, lessening irrigation needs.
  • Leaf mulches also suppress weeds, reducing the amount of weeding for the gardener or the need to use herbicides.
  • They also can help reduce soil erosion in certain instances.