Humber Avenue Community Allotments


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Newsletter for October 2021

Well, as one chapter ends another starts. This will be the last Newsletter from me under “Humber Bunch” but, You Lucky Diggers, I am not going away(Groan!) and future Newsletters will still be from me but as a member of the HACA community.
However, for me to keep churning out this stuff every month we have come up against the dreaded General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and if you want to receive any future ramblings from me you will need to agree to opt in to communications from HACA. To do this either simply click on the link below or cut and paste it into your browser address bar.
This link will allow you to subscribe to our newsletter and you can read the GDPR Privacy Statement prior to subscribing, ideal bedtime reading, it will help you go to sleep! Alternatively the Newsletter subscription page can also be found by simply finding the Newsletter option under the “Our Community” menu on our website. You have visited our Website, haven’t you? I hope you all sign up to our new community, if you don’t you won’t hear from me again (not all bad news then!!)
Your Committee is delighted to welcome a new member, Christine Busfield,(Plot 75) who has bravely taken on the role of Membership Secretary, lovely to have you on our Committee Christine.
Do make time to attend our inaugural “Meet The Committee” Breakfast Mornings on Saturday and Sunday 23rdand 24th October 10.00 AM to Noon in the revamped Social Room. We will serve bacon and sausage rolls(Vegetarian available), all free to plot holders, there will be coffee and tea available plus a free raffle with some pretty good prizes. The important part though is it will be a chance to meet the committee and to air any concerns, comments or suggestions you have. We really want to meet you all so please make time to come along, even if only for a few minutes. We have lots to tell you including an additional trough we are planning to install and concerns about speeding on our Site.
That’s about all for the moment, thank you for reading this and see you on either Saturday or Sunday week, or both if you have a liking for BBQ’s in October!


Newsletter for September 2021

Good Evening Fellow Plot Holders. 
Well, I’m afraid the evenings are rapidly drawing in and parts of our Plots are starting to look a bit fed up, nothing that spreading of compost, manure(if you can get it!) or sowing of Green Manure won’t fix and we can start to plan for next years crops planting of which begins now for onion sets, garlic, etc 

It is also the time when the 21/22 (2022 My goodness, where is the time going?!) invoices from our friends at The Council start landing on our doormats. 

Now you maybe aware that from the 1st October 2021 we are being set adrift by The Council and become Self Managed, everything is set up for the unveiling but we haven’t got the facility to send out invoices due to not having peoples details yet, The Council has agreed to do so this year on our behalf. They also set the Plot Fees for the New Year, unfortunately, we had zero input to their decision. Please pay The Council in the normal prompt manner and the money will be transferred to HACA. We are also responsible for all bills from the 1st of October so we will want a prompt transfer of funds to the HACA bank account. 

The Grass Cuttings Bay is just for that, nothing else please, we are expecting a substantial quantity of grass cuttings from a landscaping company and don’t want it mixed in with ordinary garden waste. WAGAs shop on site has very limited onion sets left so if you want some we suggest you pop in this weekend, they also have a sale of nearly out-of-date seed.   

Finally, The Committee wishes Malcolm on Plot 76 a speedy recovery from his very recent operation, he is home now recovering with a bevvy of nurses attending to his every need! See you soon Malcolm but no horse riding for a couple of months!!

We are also pleased to welcome back John from Plot 15 who has been laid up for a few weeks, lovely to see you again John and another John on Plot 77, we hope the treatment is going ok, a difficult time for you at the moment but we are sure it will all come right.  

That’s about all for this 2nd edition and I can’t promise there won’t be a 3rd! 

Happy gardening to you all, 
HACA Committee;
Peter Brereton Pl. 52
Carol Haffeden Pl 44
Roy Olliver Pl 92
Peter Davey Pl 10
Terry Smith Pl 58
Dave Tucker Pl 46
Graham North Pl 97