Humber Avenue Community Allotments

A Community Poly Tunnel Poll

We’ve been given a poly tunnel frame measuring 12.5m by 3.2m. It needs a cover and doors which we estimate will cost under £200. We want to know your opinion on this project and whether you would be interested in renting a bay for propagation and growing in pots. The tunnel can be divided into 10 bays and we suggest a rent of £10 per year. This would be ideal for those without greenhouses but if like me you can’t always be around everyday to water or ventilate in the hot weather, a shared facility would be very welcome. So what do you think? This poll is completely anonymous and only one vote per plot holder. We’ll feedback results in a week or two. Many thanks in anticipation of your help with this matter.

If you are a Plot-Holder or a Co-Worker at Humber Avenue Community Allotments please indicate your opinion selecting one of the options below. Thank you.
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