Humber Avenue Community Allotments


November 2021

The committee will be asking for plot-holders and co-workers to volunteer for various projects over the coming months.
The projects will be listed here and you will be able to volunteer to help out where you can. Our allotments are ours to be improved, as we would all like, and for the benefit of all plot-holders and co-workers alike and any help is greatly appreciated.

The committee have taken on board suggestion for further improvements and these include:

  • Rebuilding the green material bins to make them safer and more attractive (Started – and work will continue in early 2022)
  • Marking out the car park to improve utilisation of space
  • Creation of a community garden has commenced on plot 64. This will include facilities for people who are less able and children.
  • Install 10mph speed signs. We are waiting on Worthing Council to advise if they have any that they can provide free of charge
  • Repair the tarmac roadway. Worthing Council have agreed to do this at the start of the next financial year (April/May 2022)
  • Install a defibrillator to accompany the first aid kit that is now available in the community room.
  • Lopping of the tree at the rear of plot 15 has been raised with the council.
  • Topping of the hedge line on the Southwest boundary has also be raised with the council

Please check back regularly to see how you could help out, or contact the SSSO.