Humber Avenue Community Allotments

What to grow ?

A simple list of the most common (and not so common) vegetables grown at Humber Allotments.
The RHS is used as a growers guide throughout the website for references to maintain some consistency and the list below is from the RHS website.

Other gardeners are used as references on this website in how to grow various crops. There will be some differences of opinions of course.

See this page for known pests and diseases.

AsparagusAsparagus is easy to grow, producing tasty new shoots from mid-spring to early summer.
AuberginesAsparagus is easy to grow, producing tasty new shoots from mid-spring to early summer.
Beans for dryingWith beans grown for drying, the pods are allowed to fully ripen and dry out on the plant. Try Borlotti – excellent in casseroles and, stews and soups.
BeetrootBeetroot is easy to grow, take up little space and are ideal for beginners. 
Broad beansBroad beans are easy to grow and low maintenance, providing crops from May onwards. 
BroccoliBroccoli is popular for its high vitamin content and anti-cancer agents. It’s a fast and easy-to-grow crop.
Brussels sproutsBrussels are a stalwart among winter vegetables and a traditional festive favourite. 
CabbagesEasy to grow, nutritious and tasty, cabbages are veg plot favourites. There are many different types.
CalabreseCalabrese is a very easy, fast-growing crop, also known as American, Italian or green sprouting broccoli.
CarrotsSweet, tasty and packed with vitamins, carrots are a traditional grow-your-own favourite. 
CauliflowerIn the shops, cauliflowers are almost always creamy white, but grow your own and you can enjoy attractive and tasty curds.
CeleryThe wild celery plant – from which cultivated varieties are selected – is found on boggy riversides and marshy ground.
ChardChard, or leaf beet, is an attractive vegetable, with leaf stalks in an array of bright colours.
ChicoryThere are three types of chicory, Belgian endive, radicchio, and puntarelle, but you can get different cultivars of some of these.
Chilli peppersGrowing your own chilli peppers means you can choose from a huge array of colours, shapes, flavours and levels of heat.
Chinese broccoliSimilar to traditional sprouting broccoli, this oriental vegetable has tender edible stems, leaves, buds and flowers.
Chinese cabbageChinese cabbage is often sold as Chinese leaves. It is fast growing and can be ready for cutting in as little as six weeks.
CourgettesCourgette plants are easy to grow and fruit abundantly – expect to pick three or four a week in good weather.
CucumbersHome-grown cucumbers taste fabulous and can be grown in a greenhouse or in a warm sheltered site.
EndiveThere are two types of endive: the upright Batavian or escarole with large broad leaves; and the curly or fringed leaves.
Florence fennelFlorence fennel is grown for its swollen leaf bases or ‘bulbs’ and edible leaves.
French beansFrench beans are delicious and easy to grow in the ground or in containers
GarlicA member of the onion family, this staple of Mediterranean cooking is simple to grow in a warm sunny site.
Jerusalem artichokesJerusalem artichokes are easy-to-grow plants that need little attention and produce a large crop.
KaleEnjoying a recent rise in popularity due to its superfood status, kale (or borecole) is easy to grow.
Kohl rabiThis strange-looking brassica resembles a Sputnik, but don’t let this put you off.
LeeksLeeks are tasty winter vegetables that are easy to grow, but do take some time and attention.
LettuceLettuces are easy to grow and come in a wide range of colours, flavours and textures.
MarrowsMarrows are easy to grow and provide a large harvest in a relatively short time.
Mizuna & mibunaMizuna is a Japanese leafy vegetable that grows as a large rosette of feathery leaves.
OkraOkra (also known as lady’s fingers and bhindi) is best grown under glass in the UK.
OnionsOnions are such a versatile vegetable – they feature in so many recipes.
Pak choiPak choi can be used in salads or stir-fries as baby leaves, or as a cooked vegetable in various Oriental dishes.
ParsnipsA roast dinner isn’t complete without roast parsnips – and they add a whole new dimension to stews and casseroles.
PeasThere’s nothing like the flavour of freshly picked peas – use them as quickly as possible after picking.
PeppersWith their glossy fruits in an array of colours, shapes and sizes, sweet peppers are a vibrant and shapely addition to the table.
PotatoesPotatoes are hugely versatile and a staple ingredient of many meals in one form or another.
PumpkinsPumpkins are easy and fun to grow – just give them a sunny position, plenty of water and shelter.
RadishesRadishes are quick, easy and fun to grow from seed, ready to eat in as little as four weeks. 
RhubarbRhubarb is an attractive hardy perennial with large leaves and pink, red or greenish leaf stalks.
RocketRocket is an easy-to-grow crop that adds a lovely peppery flavour to salads. 
Runner beansRunner beans are a delicious veg plot staple – they’re one of the easiest crops to grow.
Salad leavesIt’s so quick and easy to grow your own salad leaves, even those exotic ones you see in the supermarket. 
Salad onionsIt’s so quick and easy to grow your own salad leaves, even those exotic ones you see in the supermarket. 
SalsifyIt is difficult to decide whether to grow this plant for its delicious, delicate tasting tap root or its flowers.
ShallotsLow-maintenance and undemanding, shallots will produce a good crop in any well-drained, fertile soil in full sun. 
Soya beansOriginating from South-East Asia, these beans usually need a long, hot summer of 20–30°C.
SpinachSpinach is tasty, nutritious and easy to grow. You can even enjoy harvests all year round if you grow several varieties.
SquashSquashes come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, from massive pumpkins to tiny patty pans.
SwedesSwedes (short for Swedish turnips) are extremely hardy and do well in cool, damp climates. 
Sweet potatoesSweet potatoes are widely grown in warmer climes and are gaining popularity in the UK.
Sweet potatoes are widely grown in warmer climes and are gaining popularity in the UK.
SweetcornSweetcorn is delicious steamed then eaten simply with a knob of butter, fresh from the garden. 
TomatoesGrowing your own tomatoes is simple and just a couple of plants will reward you with plenty of delicious tomatoes.
TurnipsThis easy, compact and fast-growing vegetable is best sown little and often for harvesting across the seasons. 
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